Investment advice

Gerardo Morales-Hierro, Former CEO at SODECAN, private investor and fervent advocate of the Palet Express Cajasiete model. Do you know if your project is worth investing in?

Tax consultation and Job counseling for self-employed

María José Fernández, labour and tax lawyer, provides guidance to co-workers, discussing concerns and handling the administrative formalities self-employment requires.

Personal Online Branding Analysis

Personal Branding is vital for any entrepreneur. For this reason, Davinia de Vidania, develops personal online branding analysis for those co-workers in need.

Tech consultant

Néstor Angulo de Ugarte, Tech Consultant, will help address technological needs and clear up any doubts within the field of technology.

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Palet Express Cajasiete also plays a part in CO-WORKING SPAIN VISA initiative. For more information visit Website.

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HEINEKEN provides Palet Express Cajasiete with its genuine, premium beer throughout the year for everybody’s enjoyment.

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Di Nardi prepares delicious pizzas for our Pizza Fridays as well as tasty cakes and sandwiches for celebrating other events.