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From Salinetas, in the city of Telde, to the Avda Marítima in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Madrid, Manila and Miami, and with new offices in Mexico and Cuba scheduled to open soon. This is our story.[/hsv_intro][hsv_intro size=”h6″]


For those not yet in the know, Palet Express is a co-working space. However, we shouldn’t content ourselves with this definition without full appreciating its role as a place of creativity, for development and acceleration of new projects, for supporting the search for funding, exchanging ideas, fostering synergy between businesses, etc. For all these reasons, it seems more appropriate to describe us as an Ecosystem of Entrepreneurship and Startup Centre.

Gustavo Medina, CEO at The Singular Factory and founder of Palet Express explains that the concept arose from a group of friends who needed to share an office and costs, whilst also seeking to share customers and projects as well as complementing each other’s work and having a place where they could each launch new projects and recruit new talent. They started in November 2012, working in an industrial warehouse in Salinetas (Telde). The premises were converted into a comfortable open-plan space where shelving units where used to create separate zones for each company. There was a main meeting room and an additional meeting room on wheels and also an auditorium built with pallets and surrounded by vegetation which was used to hold conferences, talks and to share thoughts and ideas.

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PHILOSOPHY “If you like what you do you will never work a day in your life” Found at the entrance to Palet Express Cajasiete Be passionate about what you do and face the difficulties you encounter. The road is full of obstacles and, only if you are happy with what you do, will you be able to overcome them. It is a cliché, but every journey begins with the first step. Without mistakes there is no experience, and only experience makes you better.

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WHERE WE ARE HEADED Two years later, in April 2014, the space moved to one of the most outstanding areas of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the Avenida Marítima, to a shared facility with sea views provided by Sodecan and sponsored by Cajasiete, the financial leader in the islands. It was renamed Palet Express- Cajasiete and it was intended to promote partnership with the Canarian government through Sodecan. Currently, Palet Express- Cajasiete plays a facilitating role: it provides the entrepreneurs with adequate conditions to seek financing. It continues to be sponsored by Cajasiete, with an office which is always open for entrepreneurs, giving them many advantages. Furthermore, Palet Express, which already has offices in the Philippines, Miami, Mexico and Cuba, is the model example of a group of talented individuals and entities gathering together in an ecosystem that has all the ingredients to bring viable and profitable e-businesses to life in search of global markets. Currently, we remain committed to innovative business, interesting projects and Startups, and aim to attract investors who could contribute to them.


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[hsv_service_icon icon=”winner” title=”Rodéate de Los Mejores” subtitle=”Sinergias”]Por Palet Express han pasado equipos y proyectos que han conseguido prestigiosos premios a nivel nacional en internacional.[/hsv_service_icon][hsv_service_icon title=”Colombia” subtitle=”Próxima Estación…”]Este verano abrimos ¡6 nuevos Palet Express en México, Colombia y Perú! Te mantendremos bien informados…[/hsv_service_icon]