The innovative Roguelike for the blind players.

Inquisitor’s Heartbeat is a roguelike designed for blind and sighted people alike, namely a videogame (an audiogame, actually) in which your goal is to find a safe route out of dungeons by relying on your hearing and orientation skills only.

You will find yourself in the middle of the 14th century, impersonating a man who has been found guilty of heresy by the holy Inquisition. Imprisoned in a small cell, you’ll have to wield your bravery and tenacity to escape from certain doom and retrieve the forbidden tome that was taken from you.

You’ll have to listen closely to the surrounding sounds in order to understand the situation you are in. There could be prisoners that want to be set free, sentinels waiting for you right behind the corner, mortal traps or even worse…

Teaser (ENG):
Teaser (ITA):

Download and play on PC, smartphone or Tablet from these app store.
Lenguage: English, Italian.

Why an “audiogame” for blind people
People often ask us why we started to develop audiogame for blind people. Actually it was by chance. Some years ago at a Global Game Jam in Rome we developed, in two days, a sperimental videogame where you have to no watch the screen to play. Ivan Venturi from TiconBlue saw us and ask us “What do you mind if it were be a real game?”. So we started to work with Ivan, our publisher, at this great project that was Inquisitor’s Hertbeat for, the main online portal for italian blind people who want to find appropriate video or audio game. So this is how we started to know the world of audiogames for blinds.